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Capway Systems designs, builds, integrates, and maintains everything from stand-alone equipment to semi-and fully-automated systems. And because we have our own in-house engineering, production, and assembly facilities, we are uniquely suited to develop both turnkey and custom solutions that meet customer needs with a high degree of function, quality, and service-life.

See Capway's comprehensive systems and equipment catalog found below. For additional details on everything from applications to options, click on the links within the categories.

Bread & Roll Combo Depanner (Model 2000)
Captilever Depanner
Pick & Place Depanner/Delidder
Roll Depanner (Model 2000)
Scrabble Depanner
Vacuum Cups/Belts/Retainers
CapProof (Racetrack) Proofer
CapStep Proofer
HiCap Proofer
Product Coolers
CapCool (CapStep) Product Cooler
CapMatic Product Cooler
CapRack Product Cooler
Wendway Product Cooler
Oven Equipment
Capway Oven Loader (Pans or Pans & Peelboards)
Scrabble Oven Loader (Hearth)
Capway Oven Unloader (Pans or Pans & Hearth)
Robotic Pan/Lid/Board Storage & Retrieval Systems
RoboCap Pan and Lid Systems
RoboGrip Pan and Lid Systems
Storage & Retrieval/Stackers & Unstackers
Pan Conveyors / Coolers
Capway/Intralox Pan Conveyor
Intermediate Drive (i-Drive) Pan Conveyor New
Pan Cooling Tunnels
Multiple Belting Materials Available
Product Conveyors
Capway/Intralox Product Conveyor
Intermediate Drive (i-Drive) Product Conveyor
Belt Product Conveyor
Wendway Product Conveyor
Multiple Belting Materials Available
Pan Lidding & Delidding Equipment
Caplid Inline Lidder
Pick & Place Depanner/Delidder
Slicer Feed Systems
Slicer Feed System
Dough Conveyors
Belt Dough Conveyor
Capway Dough Conveyor
Intralox Dough Conveyor
Multiple Belting Materials Available
Cleaning Equipment
CleanCap Pan Cleaner
Board Cleaner
Ultrasonic Belt Washers
Peelboard Equipment
Cornmeal Dusters
Stackers & Unstackers
Storage & Retrieval
Switches, . . .
Horizontal/Lateral/Vertical Switches
Right Angle Transfers (Pans & Product)
Turntables (Pans)
Specialty Conveyors, . . .
Roll & Bread Line Indexing Conveyors
Smart Belt & Alignment Conveyor
Pan/Peel Elevators
Paper Strippers
Pans, Racks, Sheets, Trucks, . . .
Baking Racks & Baking Sheets
Baguette Pans
Bread Pans (Deep-drawn)
Capway Pan BV
Pan Trucks
Request for Quote / Sales inquiry
Service and Parts Request
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